The EPIC-M MONOCHROME special edition, will be the Award for SPFFF winner.

Engineered exclusively for B&W (Black and White) cinema and photographers, the EPIC-M MONOCHROME is rated natively at ASA 2000 and uses its unique sensor pattern to achieve optimum resolution and extended dynamic range. A dedicated B&W camera takes advantage of greater light sensitivity and tonal transfer in gradients, far exceeding the monochromatic quality of a desaturated color image. All EPIC accessories and modules are compatible with EPIC-M MONOCHROME.

Epic-M Monochrome has no Bayer filter, which should mean finer detail and more light hitting each pixel.

David Fincher is shooting his current project solely on Epic-M Monochrome cameras right now.

More details soon


As part of the prize WOLF Magazine will show the winning fashion film at their #1 issue.