Download the complete rules

Submission deadline: 1 December 2012
Please send your submission to the following link.

The submitted film must be fashion themed and contain fashion elements. It must be 1 to 15 minutes long.

A web link must be provided to the curators for online viewing and downloading. Films will be filed and may be shown in the open-air screen at the Cinematheque.

If the submitted film is selected to participate in the competition, the producers will be contacted by the festival curators. The producers must then provide a copy, web link or FTP for high resolution download five days prior to the event in the following configuration:

Resolution: 2K (2048x1152) 16:9 – If different aspect ratio, use Letterbox
Codec: Apple ProRess 4444
Fps: 23.978
Audio: 5.1 or Stereo

For Transcode DCP


- tiff ou dpx sequence
- 24 fps
- Flat = 1998 X 1080  Scope = 2048 X 858
- Linear
- Color space

- wav
- 48khz 16bits
- mono
- 5.1
- mixed

When submitting your audiovisual piece, the film producers grant the Sao Paulo Fashion Film Festival and its partners the rights to use any image and audio contained in the piece for promotional purposes in any media channels.

The film must have all image and sound copyrights cleared by the producers.

In case of any infringement of copyrights, films will be automatically disqualified.

The rules may be altered at any time without notification.